You Can't Learn
Digital Marketing by
Theory Alone

What you Need...

Learn with Real Account Data

We have logins for you to see real companies' Google & Facebook ad accounts.

Whether you're studying from a book, in a class, or by watching Youtube, eventually you'll need to see actual digital marketing data from companies "in the trenches," and learn by clicking around in their accounts to explore it.

DataPeeper is compiling a portfolio of participating companies' web sites and digital marketing campaigns and we're giving view-only access to our customers. As a "digital voyeur," you'll be able to fully investigate the digital marketing campaigns real companies are using, to see what works and what doesn't. We are both partnering with participating companies to provide view-only access to their account data, as well as purchasing a number of e-commerce web sites with historical data.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Analytics
  • ...and much more: Shopify, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.



Google Ads

How do companies divide their ads into campaigns, ad groups, and ads? What keywords do they choose, and using which match types and campaign goals? Get insights into these questions by reviewing real data from other companies' Google ad accounts. Examine Google Analytics reports for the same properties.

facebook Ads

Having access to real Facebook ad data demystifies topics such as: how audiences are targeted, what ad copy works best, and the optimal campaign types to choose. Seeing the commonalities and differences between industries is a critical learning tool.

Fill Out Survey for Free Access

Until we have completed purchasing the portfolio of properties, we are offering a free 3-month subscription to the first 10 people to fill out this marketing survey (link). When the portfolio is ready, we will provide them access. Use the Contact Us section below for any other comments.